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  1. In late December 2019, we enjoyed the great fortune of booking a private tour of DC with Debra. Her knowledge of the city and its history was beyond impressive. But that was only a portion of the day that remains indelible: Debra is engaging, interested in meeting your needs, and is, fundamentally, a super cool lady that has since become a treasured friend. If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to book with her, take it!!


  2. Quarantine has me looking over family pictures and I came across the private tour my family and I took of Washington DC during the Christmas season in 2019. The tour was so informative and accommodating to our needs and interests. We had the absolute pleasure of having Debra as our private tour guide. She is the consummate professional: engaging, energetic, and knows the best restaurants. But that is only a part of what made our discoveries so memorable – she is thoughtful, interesting, and an all-around cool lady that we still keep in touch with. If you decide to book a tour with Capitol Spaces (which you absolutely should when we’re able to again) – book it – you won’t regret it!


  3. I just returned from a 6-day east coast history tour with my middle school students and several parents. Our group of 41 was guided around DC by Clift. He was amazing! He easily connected with the students, sending them off on fact-finding scavenger hunts at each stop. The students loved asking him questions about politics, architecture, history, and general DC life, and they quickly found there was no end to his knowledge. While we were walking from one site to another and during dinner, the chaperones sidled up to him and peppered him with more philosophical questions. He satisfied all. We were so grateful to have a guide who lived in and loved his city. His passion was contagious. It was also a huge relief to me to be able to leave the logistics to another person for two days: Clift knew every bus zone, shady picnic spot, best entry times, and quickest ways from point A to point B, and best places to feed a crowd. He made the city accessible, and he made the city come alive. It was an unforgettable experience. I look forward to my next trip to DC with Capitol Spaces.


  4. My family took a neighborhood tour with Capitol Spaces and we met the most amazing realtor, Ashley Fitzgerald. She was wonderful and patient with the kids. She helped us set some important priorities and set our minds at ease.


  5. Knowledgeable, personable, accommodating…all this and more. I feel very fortunate to have found a guide who truly offers customized tours. My daughter and I felt like privileged guests of the city. The entire experience exceeded our expectations. You can’t go wrong with a guide who cares so much and aims to please.


  6. Aloha kakahiaka e’David (Good morning David) Mahalo (Thank you) for yesterday. it was amazing and you really did cater to our needs and interests we had a blast. we also received many confirmations and spiritual insights you being one of them reassuring us that we are on the right path and this journey of ours is intended
    aloha o’e a hui hou


  7. These tours are like getting backstage passes to our favorite city. We thought we knew DC pretty well, but our guide’s knowledge of Washington facts and trivia was incredible — we never knew how much we didn’t know! We also appreciated how they were able to work around our schedules and tailor the tour to our interests.


  8. It’s embarrassing to have a friend come to visit DC and realize you don’t know the first thing about the place you live. Capitol Spaces saved the day…even as we were driving on the beltway, my guest and I learned some jaw-dropping information about its origins. It *is* actually possible to be both encyclopedic and engaging. I don’t think there’s anyone else I’d trust to give me or my guests insights into DC or anywhere else they travel.


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